Aug. 23, 2011 Agenda - 8:00pm at Broadway Bar and Grill

Regular Season Items:

  • Regular season (year in review)
    • Congratulations to TD Cobra's (1st place came down to the last week of regular season and decided by 1 point)
    • No player ejections
    • No major injuries (that we are aware of)
    • Only 4 postponed games that were out of our control
    • No games cancelled due to insufficient number of roster players
    • White vs. yellow ball
    • Home run rule
    • Positioning of bases
    • Official scores from both team captains
  • Regular season team pictures for each team (player names by row from left to right are required)
  • League expansion (possibly growing to 9 or 10 teams in 2012)
    • If you know of anyone interesting in joining the league, tell them to come out and take in a playoff game
  • Paper copy/scan of completed roster/waiver
  • Player email addresses

Playoff Items:

  • Playoff eligibility
  • Positioning of bases
  • Official scores from both team captains
  • Playoff rules


  • Donations are welcome
  • Any volunteers on buying/collecting prizes/donations?
  • Please notify team captain of your attendance and any additional person(s) by Sept. 1, 2011
  • BBQ and tent will be provided
  • BMSPA will be requesting 1 member from each team to draw a ticket. Please inform Shawn Tobin.

Executive Representation

President Secretary Treasurer Web Admin.
Mike Jarvis Mark Quirie Don O'Reilly / Mark Walton Shawn Tobin

Team Representation

Beavers BP Vipers Hitmen Milano's Mariners Cobras Rock
Glen Hanlon Greg Derbyshire Tim Paquette Mike Van Noort Matt O'Reilly / Brian O'Reilly Brian Bursey Steve Roberts / Adam Cabana Craig Blackmore