Aug. 18, 2016 Agenda - 7:30pm at Broadway Bar and Grill

Regular Season Items:

  • How was the regular season schedule?
    • Comments: Regular season was good. All teams thought the max 7 runs per inning was great.
  • Roster Emails and Emergency contacts
    • Comments: Still missing Vipers, Central Precast and The 89ers
  • Team Pictures for web site
    • Comments: All teams encouraged to take new team pictures during the playoffs.
  • New Rule for 2017: Courtesy runner (to match SPN)
    • Current Rule:The courtesy runner must be the last out from the current or previous inning. If no outs have been made in the game, the courtesy runner is the last person in the batting order.
    • SPN Rule:When courtesy runners are used, in any division, the same runner cannot be used more than once.
    • Comments: Unanimous decision to change to SPN rule for 2017 season.

Playoff Items:

  • Playoff Matchups: Pool A (1, 4, 5, 8) Pool B (2, 3, 6, 7)
  • Final Scores: Both teams email ( or text (613-406-8298) Shawn after each game to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Schedule: Double round robin. Higher placed team in regular season will have the choice of being home or visitor team for both rounds.
  • Will all teams have the required number of players for playoff games?
    Comments: Is it possible to use spares in the playoffs in 2017? Some teams have experienced injuries and players just unable to make games because of other committments etc...
  • P/O +/- is 10.
  • For both Pool A and B Championship games, a coin toss will decide the home team.
    Comments: Majority voted to keep a coin toss to decide the home team.

Misc. Items:

  • Returning Teams: Everyone plan on coming back next season?
    Comments: Yes
  • Banquet: Meals (email will be sent out by Thursday Sept. 8. Please return by email to Shawn by Thursday Sept. 15)

Executive Representation

President Secretary Treasurer Web Admin.
Mike Jarvis Mark Quirie Mark Walton Shawn Tobin

Team Representation

Beavers BP Vipers Central Precast Finest Hitmen Kichesippi The 89ers Rock
N/A Greg Derbyshire Derek Brook Kelson Collins Mark Walton Matt O'Reilly N/A Derek Williams

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