Apr. 2, 2014 Agenda - 8:00pm at Broadway Bar and Grill

Regular Season Items:

  • Benches are predetermined: First base side is visitor, and third base is home.
  • Non-playing team members should only be viewing the game from either the parking lot or from the bench behind home plate. Players benches are for those players currently participating in the game.
  • Bat rule: Change the bat rule to new utrip stamp (USSSA 1.20) SPN Bat Policy
  • New Ball: Hot Dot vs. Grey Dot
  • Home run rule: Match plus 2 has been thrown around and Willy says most leagues went with this last year.
  • Schedule: Changes or keep the same?

Playoff Items:

  • Play everyone in your respective "A" or "B" pool round robin 2 times instead of once... So 6 playoff games instead of 3. This takes a "lucky" win out of the equation and allows the better team who may of had a bad game a chance to redeem themselves.
  • After the round robin Saturday's games would consist of 1 VS 4, 2 VS 3, 5 VS 8 and 6 VS 7. This would give each team 3 additional games and it would result in the playoffs likely being more representative of the regular season. One bad game won't cost a team a top 4 seed on Saturday.
  • P/O +/- of 7 doesn't really make should be whatever the mercy rule is.
  • Since +/- is a factor, the home team in the playoffs should hit in the bottom of the 7th until they lead by whatever the max +/- is.
  • Tie breaks in the playoffs should refer back to the regular season standings. Gives more weight to the regular season.

Executive Representation

President Secretary Treasurer Web Admin.
Mike Jarvis Mark Quirie Mark Walton Shawn Tobin

Team Representation

Beavers BP Vipers Hitmen Creppin NewFound Recruiting Cobras Rock
Mark Proulx/Zach Coates Greg Derbyshire/Jamie McDonald John James Mike Van Noort/Mike Norlock Matt O'Reilly Scott Tracey Cole Laderoute Derek Williams