Contact Us

Below is a list of names, telephone numbers and email addresses for league executive members and team representatives.


  • The first contact is the primary and the second contact is the alternate.
  • (H) indicates Home Email Address
  • (W) indicates Work Email Address

League Executive

Position Name Home # Work # Cell # Email
President Mike Jarvis 613-823-1100 613-862-0051 Mike Jarvis (H)
Secretary Mark Quirie 613-823-3045 Mark Quirie (H)
Treasurer Mark Walton 613-866-9905 Mark Walton (H)
Member / Web Admin. Peri Anderson 613-444-0097 613-862-2311 Peri Anderson (H)

Team Representatives

Team Name Home # Work # Cell # Email
Beavers Ryan Valois 613-862-0646 Ryan Valois (H)
Mark Proulx Mark Proulx (H)
Broadway Vipers Derek Brook 613-407-4740 613-723-1221 613-407-4740 Derek Brook (H)
Charlie Foy 613-880-8258 Charlie Foy (H)
Brunet Realty Jason McCarthy Jason McCarthy (H)
Nick Brunet 613-614-9288 Nick Brunet (W)
Hitmen Mike Van Noort 613-823-7714 613-797-4463 Mike Van Noort (H)
Mark Walton 613-866-9905 Mark Walton (W)
Kichesippi Matt O'Reilly 613-324-0307 Matt O'Reilly (H)
Mortgage Edge Greg Derbyshire 613-812-1653 Greg Derbyshire (H)
Jamie McDonald 613-805-5622 Jamie McDonald (H)

Other Contacts of Interest

Position Name Home # Work # Cell # Email
BMSA President Patrick Crawford 613-825-9821 Patrick Crawford (H)
Fast Pitch President David Wiener 613-894-9608 David Wiener (H)
Umpire Contact/Chief Michelle More 613-825-7620 613-296-4328